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$75.00/ hour. Please send an email to get more specialized information and a reasonable quote for your exact requirements.

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Laura Walker is a consummate performer who has played small venue engagements in Canada, the U.S., Mexico, Costa Rica, Belize, Venezuela, Europe, Honduras and most recently Cuba.  She sings English, German, French, and more.

She is available as a solo artist for special events (weddings, birthdays or anniversary parties) for a reasonable fee.  Her repertoire ranges from country, folk, pop (20’s – 70’s) and a few classical selections.  She also performs her original music which has been showcased by school and church choirs.

As a music/dance therapist Ms. Walker has worked with seniors and young children to encourage positive interaction, communication, memory and cognitive stimulation and just plain fun with singalongs, percussion ensembles and musical games.    She is available for individualized, small or large group activities.  Her repertoire is vast and engaging.  Availability is at an hourly or discounted rate for multiple groups encompassing more time in one facility. (ie. retirement homes and long-term care facilities or primary, junior, intermediate assemblies in schools)  Feel free to contact Ms. Walker to inquire about your special event.

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